Why Kids Will Always Love Balloons

Young Girl Carrying Colorful BalloonsYou make a wish and delicately open your small hand, releasing a silky white string attached to a solid ball of color. You watch in amazement as the balloon starts floating up towards the sky, getting higher. As the balloon dances in the wind, you wonder what adventure your balloon is headed on as it floats towards the sun.

Does this sound like a familiar scene from your childhood?

As children, we find great amusement and joy in balloons, and this love often gets passed down through each generation.

Originally invented as early as the 1800s, balloons still prove popular among today’s kids.

Balloons Color Their World

Kids love bright and vivid colors – just look at the cartoons they adore, the toys they play with, and the clothes they wear. Color is exciting, filling a child’s world with happiness and joy. This love of color can easily translate to balloons which come in almost any color you can imagine.

Balloons Inspire Wonder

Along with a colorful “wow” factor, balloons are simply magical to children. Releasing a balloon and watch it fly through the sky in a way they cannot is pure magic. Seeing a room full of balloons somehow floating on their own in the air is a sight that children find amusing and intriguing.

Balloons Give New Life to Their Favorite Things

From mystical unicorns to friendly clowns and brave tigers, balloons come in a variety of shapes that give life to a kid’s favorite things. For a kid fixated with Mickey Mouse, seeing a balloon sculpture shaped like the famous character floating around at their birthday party gives new depth and dimension to their beloved friend.

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