Start Planning Your Cinco De Mayo Party

Themed Party PlanningPutting together a fun, family-friendly Cinco de Mayo party has never been simpler with the helping hand of Pinterest and other internet sources.

With just a few clicks it’s become easier to plan a themed party, especially when you have stock up on the perfect party supplies.

AZ Party Mart has a few tips that will help you pull off the best Cinco de Mayo party, fitting for all ages, that your guests could imagine!

Make your decorations as fun and festive as possible.

The decorations that you put out at your Cinco de Mayo party should be filled with lots of colors. From spicy reds to warm oranges, you’ll want to make everything look alive. From your cups and plates to your banners and lights, you want people to walk into your party and be blown away by all of the colors that come spilling out at them.

Pick up things that make lots of noise.

A Cinco de Mayo party should sound like a party from the moment your guests arrive. You can encourage people to make as much noise as possible by providing them with maracas and other noisemakers. It’s your job to make sure everyone is having a blast, and it’ll be hard for people not to smile and celebrate when there is noise all around them. The music should be loud and festive, without a doubt!

Spice things up with props and a photo booth.

Once a party is in full swing, it can be hard to remember to take pictures once you’re caught up in the moment. Don’t forget to set up a photo booth complete with themed props like tacos, cactuses, mustaches, and more. The kids will stay busy all night long when they’ve got a photo booth to go back to time and time again.

Don’t forget the sombreros!

What’s a Cinco de Mayo party without sombreros? From actual sombreros people can wear to decorations adorned with them, people shouldn’t be able to turn around at your party without seeing a sombrero somewhere!

AZ Party Mart has plenty of themed party supplies in stock, including some for Cinco de Mayo. Call us at 480-991-7505 today to find out which supplies would work best for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.