Planning a Bridal Shower Bash They’ll Remember

Bridal Shower CelebrationIf you’ve recently been given the honor of planning a bridal shower, you might be thinking “where do I begin?” There is a lot that goes into planning a bridal shower from planning the guest list to reserving a venue. However, you also get to decide on some super fun details!

When considering all the details that come along with decorating for a bridal shower, it is important to think about what party supplies you’ll need to make it memorable.

Deciding on Tableware

If you want to make the theme of your party clear, you can use your tableware to do so. Investing in quality or themed tableware, from tablecloths to centerpieces, is essential.  A bridal shower is a celebration so consider stylish and colorful tableware to make your event set-up really pop. Center your design around the essence of elegance and class. If the bride has a specific color theme in mind, consider decorating according to that theme.

Picking Your Rentals

If you’re hosting a bridal shower at your home, consider simplifying set-up with rental options. Taking advantage of rental items is an affordable way to ensure that you have plenty of tables and seats for your attendees. An important part of planning a successful event is ensuring that you make your guests comfortable. Rentals allow you to ensure that your set-up is ideal no matter how big or how exclusive your guest list is.

Choosing Balloon Decor

We believe that every event needs a little something that “shines” which is where custom balloon décor comes in.   Balloons make a statement and can help to set the mood for a variety of events. Display a color-themed balloon arch at your venue’s entrance.  Consider purchasing balloons that spell out “bride” to provide the bride-to-be with the perfect place to take pictures with her bridesmaids.

Here at AZ Party Mart, we believe that decorating your venue is just as important as booking it! We are your one-stop party shop in Scottsdale, AZ to help you prepare for any special event that you’re planning.