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Why you should incorporate balloons at your next corporate event

Were you just put in charge of tracking down decorations for your company’s next corporate event? It’s not as simple as it may seem. You’d like to make your corporate event look fun and festive, but you also want to maintain a professional feel. It can be a challenge, but you can do both of… Read more »

Improve Your February Event with Balloons

Display of Pink Balloons

February is packed full of celebrations, and here at AZ Party Mart, we are looking forward to all of them! Transform your average party into an elevated atmosphere with custom balloon decor. Be sure to impress your guests with bold balloons for the big game, Valentine’s Day, and the Oscars! The Big Game: February 3,… Read more »

Why Kids Will Always Love Balloons

Young Girl Carrying Colorful Balloons

You make a wish and delicately open your small hand, releasing a silky white string attached to a solid ball of color. You watch in amazement as the balloon starts floating up towards the sky, getting higher. As the balloon dances in the wind, you wonder what adventure your balloon is headed on as it… Read more »