Custom Balloon Décor in Scottsdale, AZ

Let AZ Party Mart in Scottsdale, AZ help you celebrate your special events with custom balloon décor. We offer various shapes and colors of both latex and mylar foil balloons to choose from. We even carry metallic and pearlized latex balloons which are typically hard to find.

Look through our gallery to see some of our work.

Some of the popular custom balloon décor services we offer include:

  • Ceiling Scatters

To create ceiling scatters, we use multiple latex balloons with long ribbon on a ceiling to create a festive vibe within any room.  Ribbons can be either long or short and just like the balloons, they can be just about any color you would like.

  • Table Bouquets

Table bouquets are beautiful arrangements of typically three, five, or seven balloons arranged together and tied to a decorative weight with curling ribbon embellishment. These are economical features that can add color to any of your special events.  They are set at a height that still allows for conversation when placed on a table as a centerpiece.

  • Floor Bouquets

Floor bouquets are considered a larger version of a beautiful bouquet.  Floor bouquets are typically, 7, 10, or 13 balloons arranged together and tied to a decorative weight with curling ribbon embellishment.  They can easily add a festive or an elegant feeling to an event. Their size makes them very economical for the impact they can provide to an event, inside or out.  Floor bouquets are set at a taller height that allows recipients to take photos with them and provide plenty of color to larger areas.

  • Large Mylar Letters and Numbers

Make a statement with our 40” mylar numbers and letters.  These foil balloon features can help to drive home a specific theme for your event and are very expressive. Numbers are available in six different colors (gold, silver, red, purple, pink, and blue). Letters are available in gold or silver and “BRIDE” is available in rose-gold. We recommend that each number/letter is tied utilizing two weights to keep them level and from spinning.  These balloons provide a great background for photographs and social media posts.

We can create customized balloon décor to work for your space and your event. AZ Party Mart carries multiple brands of balloons in multiple shades of each color making them appropriate for any of event you’re celebrating.

Don’t forget, AZ Party Mart can deliver any of our customized pieces above right to your door.